Frequently Asked Questions

What do you charge?

I charge a basic fee of $60, which includes one signature, for assignments within a 15-mile radius of Palo Alto. Additional costs can apply. All my fees are found here.  I accept major credit cards.

Where can you notarize documents?

Anywhere in California except on military bases.

Can you notarize documents created outside California or the United States?

Yes,  as long as the signer and I are both in California when pen touches paper.

Can you notarize documents signed outside your presence?

All notarizations require a meeting with a commissioned notary. However, signing the document in front of the notary is mandatory only when the signer is making a sworn statement attesting to a document’s accuracy.

For the most common notarization – an acknowledgement – you need only identify yourself appropriately and answer “Yes” when the notary asks if you signed the document.

What if a document is written in a language other than English?

I can notarize documents in any language because I certify only the signer's identity. However, I must communicate directly with the signer and am fluent only in English.

Can you notarize wills or advance health care directives?

I can notarize signatures on health care directives. But, a will is legally valid only when two disinterested people witness the signing. 

Can you notarize copies?

There is a way to notarize a statement declaring a copy is an accurate representation of the original.

What is a certified signing agent ?

There is no government certification of  "signing agents" as there is for a notary. It is merely a title notary education companies hand out to people who pay for their course on loan closings. 

Please call me at 650.799.8900 or write to with other questions or comments.

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